The KISD Board is responsible for the current situation regarding the teacher being put on administration leave for refusing to take down his BLM poster in his classroom. Due to district policy controversial topics, personal beliefs and anything regarding politics isn't allowed to be displayed in classrooms. Why is the value of a specific group of people being considered any of the following listed? Black Lives Matter is not political nor is it controversial it's basic human decency. So why is this teacher being told to take his poster down? District Policy states "-- encourage our teachers to create a classroom culture that respects diversity of our school community." which is what the teacher's motive behind not only the Black Lives Matter poster but the LGBTQ+ pride poster in his class. Especially considering the fact that both communities aren't represented or backed up at all. So again why is he being asked to take his posters down? Why is Black Lives Matter uncomfortable for our board? Why is it someone that's trying to be inclusive with a group of students being punished? The district policy not only contradicts what our principal, administration and board communicates to students but it also is set up in a way that people in power can pick and choose things they want, and don't want to address. This issue will be addressed whether they would like or not. Feel free to voice your opinions and complaints to any of the following board members as well as any timber creek based issues our principal has failed to properly care for.


Shawn Duhon

Tchs Principal